Good Morning, Lost Constituents...

I want to thank you for visiting this new website.  I am excited to use this platform to announce my decision to return to the task of recording and performing a music of my own creation.  It has been some time since that has been an active pursuit of mine.     

Some folks are eager to inform you of their ambitions but for any number of reasons fail to deliver on good intentions.  I am not writing today to make you aware of my plans.  I am writing you to tell you I have already made my next album.  With the Virtue of Independence, I have done this without fanfare for the last two years quietly crafting an artisanal audio experience specially formatted for the compact disc.  This new work is titled INDIE ROCKMANINOFF.   

At the time of writing, all recording of this near 80 minute album has been completed.  Post production work is expected to come to completion in mere days with release expected in a matter of weeks. 

I know that many reading this will be unfamiliar with my past musical endeavours.  I am, in fact, very hopeful of that.  I am also hopeful that some of the many Good Folk who have previously joined us along the way will be reading this.  For everyone joining me today, I've prepared something very special to commemorate this new chapter in my musical adventures. 

The History of Indie Rockmaninoff is a detailed series of blogs to be presented weekly.  For those unfamiliar with the music that has led up to INDIE ROCKMANINOFF, this can help create context for the the oncoming Rejection of Wholesale Pop Homogeny.  For the many returning Good Folk who have joined us along the way, I hope that in the stories shared you will perhaps recover a forgotten memory from the different time that was the very early 21st Century.  

The first entry in this eight part retelling of my musical life served chilled over words and pictures with a slice of lemon is available now. It contains discussions of my introductions to the music of the Caribbean, Genesis, R.E.M., Blues Harmonica, and Donald Kinnie. 

I hope you'll make plans to join me for my first scheduled performance Friday March 24th at Undo's in Marietta, Ohio. Please like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, share with your friends and don't forget to join the email list.  Thank you.

- Brice Henry

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