Please Enjoy the Rejection of Wholesale Pop Homogeny Today!

Good Morning, Lost Constituents,

I am very excited to let you know that Indie Rockmaninoff is now available through this website, iTunes, amazonmp3 and soon the compact disc!

With so many ways to get your copy of Indie Rockmaninoff, you may be asking yourself, "Which is the right way for me?"

Excellent Question, Dear Listener!  First, please remember your support in the Rejection of Wholesale Pop Homogeny is felt regardless of how you choose to purchase Indie Rockmaninoff.

Now, if you love listening to music on your Apple products, then please visit ITunes now.  If you have an extra Amazon gift card you recently received, maybe Amazon is the best choice for you.  However, if you're the types of person to whom Maximum Value is paramount please consider purchase through this website.  When selling though large stores, multiple parties cut a piece from the pie baked by my two years of old world craftsmanship .  When you purchase directly from me via this website, not only does it leave more pie for me and my family, but costs you less!

It is known that Indie Rockmaninoff is to be an artisanal audio experience specially formatted for the compact disc. While this is to be, I do not have plans at this time to sell the Compact Disc format online (this can change quickly with your shown interest).  If you see me regularly around the Mid-Ohio Valley in places like the Mall and would prefer the full Artisanal Audio Experience please ask me about it.  And of course, you can plan to pick up the CD when you join me at Undo's March 24 for my first outing in the MOV. 

I have been looking forward to sharing this recording with you for some time now.  I hope you will consider listening to my new work today.  Please let me and you friends know what you think on Facebook, and Twitter

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